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Frequently asked questions

How to book on our site Peakcar?

In order to book, the first thing to do is to visit the site Once on the site, you will find our simulator displayed on the homepage. The simulator includes various information related to your rental like (date, time and place of the vehicle pick-up and drop-off...). The second step is to fill the various fields of the simulator, you will see the different categories of cars displayed with prices in red, that price is the total price of your rental and not the price per day.

How do we proceed when receiving of the rental application?

Upon receipt of your rental application by our booking department, we treat it by checking availabilities on our system, and replying you by email within a maximum of 20 minutes. In our reply, either we will confirm your booking or we inform you of the unavailability of the desired vehicle on the date provided.

How do we proceed when paying?

When the confirmation of your rental is sent, you will be asked to make the payment in two steps: The first is the deposit, which is considered as a kind of advance required by our services, ensuring the accuracy of the rental application. The amount of the deposit is determined based on the total rental amount, it's paid via paypaland, and it's after the receipt of the deposit from our clients that the application is considered valid. A payment confirmation email will be sent to the client upon receipt of the deposit. The second is the remainder of the total rental amount, deducted from the deposit. It's paid when taking the car, in Euros or dirhams, depending on the choice of our clients.

And what if I do not have a paypal account?

You can use our PAYPAL payment even if you do not have a Paypal account, you just need your credit card.

Is the fuel included in the total price?

A car rented with peakcar comes with a full tank of fuel is included in the total rental price. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the fuel level must be the same (full), otherwise we will be obliged to charge you the price of fuel.

Can I drive a rental vehicle to another country outside Morocco?

You can drive a rental car only in Morocco and never beyond the borders.

What are the rental conditions in Peakcar?

Please check Rental conditions.

What guarantees are included in the rental?

The guarantees offered by our car rental agency are the Car Damage Cover. An excess of 85 Euro is charged in case of loss or damage to the vehicle.

Are the prices valid for the whole year?

The prices displayed on the site are only the prices the current period. Prices vary depending on the season (low or high). You can also use our simulator to see the prices of a given period.

What happens in case of cancellation of a rental application which the deposit has already been paid?

In case of cancellation of a lease, the deposits remain with the Peakcar society and can not in any case be returned to the client, whatever the reasons for its cancellation are.

What is happening in case of failure or mechanical problem?

In case of breakdown (except accident) Peakcar offers a support service that accompanies you until the problem is solved.